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We offer the best cannabis lifestyle products such as spoon pipes, one-hitters, sherlock pipes, water pipes, grinders, and other consumption accessories at amazing prices! In addition, we are working on collaborations with marijuana processors to bring TICO style  extracts to market. 


Our glass craft beginnings date back to the late 1990s working at Jerome Baker Designs known as JBD.  One of our founders at THE INDICA CO. apprenticed as a glassblower under Jason Harris who was the founder of JBD and an apprentice of Bob Snodgrass. Our founder continued his glass education studying soda-lime glassblowing known as soft glass eventually working in Corning NY at various glass blowing studios, which included the soft glass studios of Corning Glassworks in Corning NY. 

We pride ourselves on paying special attention to the acquisition and manufacture of high-quality products, while offering them at very reasonable prices. At THE INDICA CO., our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure we provide you with the best quality products. Whether its glass pipes, grinders, rolling trays, vape cartridges, spoon pipes, one-hitters, waterpipes, and accessories. If you need assistance, ideas, or special service, just ask and we’ll be happy to help. 

Our products are strictly meant for legal use only! Kindly check back frequently. We will be adding new products often.

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