What kind of glass do you use?

All of our glass pipes are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. The same type of glass used in cookware, which can be used in microwaves or ovens. We consider our glassware to be functional glass art. Collectible, useful, and can last a lifetime. 

How long does shipping take?

Our products are usually shipped within 48 hours and domestic orders will take 2-5  days to arrive at your door after being shipped. 

How do I go about making sure a pipe, grinder, or another product is good quality, without seeing it in person?

You will find all our glass pipes have excellent quality air holes and bowl pieces. We give thought to functionality. symmetry and color. Our grinders are of the highest quality, along with the products we carry. Our glassware and other products go through redundant quality control procedures to make sure every piece is up to the TICO standard. 


All our products including grinders, rolling trays, and accessories are held up to the same standard as our glassware. We only procure or manufacture high quality products. 

Where can I find The Indica Co. Cannabis Extract Cartridges?

We plan on having TICO Cannabis Extract Vape Carts available in various dispensaries in the near future. Our intention is to launch in legal recreational cannabis markets such as Oregon, California, Michigan, and Colorado. We collaborate with licensed marijuana processors to bring TICO style products to market.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat $10 fee for shipping domestic, international rates are based on weight and size. Please send us an email with your requirements if you are looking to place an international order. 

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Yes. Send us an email.

What are the benefits of a membership?

The monthly memberships are great deals. You end up saving $ while collecting different colors and styles of glass pipes. By being a member, we will keep you updated on any special offers or deals in the future. 

Are you a glass company, smoke shop or marijuana company?

We are a mj lifestyle company. 

Some companies state their pipes are Made in the USA, American Made Pipes, American Glass, Bongs Made in the USA. What does this mean?

Some companies state their glass pipes are made in the USA. This can be true or can be misleading. The pipes may be made or blown in the USA, but the borosilicate tubing and rod to make the pipe can be purchased from an overseas manufacturer.  So, ultimately it's possible for the actual glass to be created anywhere in the world but when melted into pipe form in the US, it's American Made. (We are not attorneys, these are only opinions)

Where are your glass pipes and accessories sourced?

Our glassware is made in professional factories. We source globally. We do not discriminate, we support artists from all parts of the globe. Our focus is on top-quality products ​delivered to our customers at affordable prices.